Blogs (again)

I’m trying to develop some consistent blog habits, to see what comes of it. Writing on my blogs each day, reading a few selected blogs on a regular basis, investigating new blogs as I have time… all as part of learning more about the community of people who use blogs. I’d like to use them more to get feedback from a wide variety of people, like a survey, but it seems hard to generate enough traffic–back to people reading rather than commenting–to really make it work. I’ve tried one of the online survey programs, but I think I would have to pay to get the survey to go very far. Has anyone else tried online surveys, are there any out there I can use for free?

In the meantime, I’ll post my survey question here:

What content knowledge do students need to know to function in today’s society?

What skills do students need to have to enter the work force?

I’m especially interested in students’ answers to these questions, all ages.

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