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Balancing writing and reality

June 19, 2008

How on earth can I do what I’m doing — writing curriculum, educational research, and related writing projects — and find time / ways to stay in touch at a classroom level?  I haven’t figured it out yet. Anyone out there have any thoughts?

Teacher talk

March 11, 2008

I talked with a teacher/writer friend of mine today and we wondered if other teachers “talk shop” outside of the classroom. I said perhaps, before or after school, regarding ideas for working with particular student situations, or to share current teaching ideas. But it seems more teachers now are making a separation between home and school (overall a good thing) I think maybe we “talk shop” a little more because the two of us have worked together on curriculum ideas–she is my sounding board and also gives me new curriculum ideas I use in my writing.

Who do you “talk shop” and bounce ideas off of? Would you rather separate teaching from the rest of your life; if so, why?